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Start Finding Your Sail Loot to Live a Life Rich in Experiences!

Do you want to go sailing around the world? Do you want to travel to uninhabited islands? Do you want to SCUBA dive on the most remote reefs of the world? When you picture your happy place, where are you, what are you doing, and who are you with?

I’m about to SCUBA dive on one of the most beautiful reefs in the world as I giant stride off of my sailboat that I use to island hop.

Sailing Kalalau with a little bit of vacation Sailing Money

Sailing Kalalau

What’s holding you back from living that lifestyle you were just daydreaming about?

The number one answer to that question is money. Have you asked yourself, “How the heck to I find my Sail Loot? Where will my sailing money come from?”

First, lets start with giving a few definitions of “Sail Loot.”

Sail Loot Definition: It’s Your Sailing Money!

  1. The sailing money stored in the cruising kitty that allows us to set sail on new adventures.
  2. A system that allows for cash flow without requiring a real-time, physical presence.
  3. A system of income automation that allow transactions and growth from anywhere in the world.

Notice that all three definitions call for something to be set up. There is hard work involved, and by no means is Sail Loot obtained “over night.” I was on my way back from my sailing courses when I thought, “Four years?” I have a few houses to sell, and I’d like to set up a way to make some Sail Loot while cruising. We’re being realistic thinking that it is going to take a few years.

There are various different ways that Sail Loot can be acquired. I’ve heard of a lot of cruisers who have saved enough money and started with a cruising kitty that would last 2 to 3 years only to figure out their cash flow system along the way. I’ve heard of companies allowing their employees to take sabbaticals. Some people sail until the money is all gone, insert themselves back into the money-for-time world for a few years, then head back out on the ocean when they think they’ve saved enough money to last them a few more years.

Personally, I’d like to find a way to web-commute. I know how to build websites and blogs, I know how to podcast, and I know how to use social media. My dream is to set up a website, or some sort of online business that offers such immense value that people just want more.

I’m taking action on that dream.

I also think all sailors should take action and have a blog, video blog (vlog), or podcast. After all, I’d have so much more sailing entertainment to enjoy!

All businesses need a website. These days if you have a business, but not a website, then you don’t actually have a business.

Are you trying to run a charter from your sailboat? You’re going to need a website.

Weigh anchor with us and follow our adventures! We’ll teach you how to start your website, blog, or online business. Hopefully you’ll find a way to find your sail loot, stash that sailing money in your cruising kitty, and enjoy a life rich in experiences along the way.

Building a Website:

I believe that in this day in age, every business needs to have a website. Even if you’re in a business that requires human service, your business should have a website for promotion material and contact information. It’s even better if your website can be used as a tool for marketing, payment, transactions, growth, and sales of either physical or information products. Setting up these systems and getting them automated does take some time and hard work. However, once they are set up and running smoothly, a web-commuting business can be run with only a few hours a week.

If you would like me to build your website for you, please use the Contact page to send me an email. Keep reading, and I will teach you how you can save a little bit of money and build one yourself.

Approach to Website Property – Domain Name and Hosting:

A domain name for a website (sailloot.com) must be purchased so that nobody else can use it. Domain names are only about $10 per year.

All of the pages, posts, pictures, and information that is loaded to a website has to be stored or hosted on a server somewhere.

There are free ways – sort of – to get your domain name and hosting. I say sort of for these few reasons:

  1. When you use the free services like WordPress.com (the free hosting service not the blogging platform – more on that later), blogger, or tumblr you almost never own your domain name. Instead it is added onto their domain and Sail Loot would have looked like http://sailloot.tumblr.com or http://sailloot.blogspot.com. You may decide that you’re okay with the free versions, but I knew that I would hate it if I went and built a successful webpage and business and then had somebody purchase and use the domain sailloot.com. If I had gone the free route, sailloot.com would have still been out there for somebody else to acquire and use.
  2. If you use the free services, you are limited in the amount of design you can do to your site, and the tools that you can use for performance, earnings, and marketing. I want to be able to use any plugin, widget, or customization I want in order to design the site exactly the way that I want to. I can’t do that with the free hosting options.
  3. Do you actually own the content that you submit to the free hosting sites for your free webpages? I’m not actually sure, but I do know that if that service ceases to exist, then so does your website and you’re stuck rebuilding from scratch. For example, in August 2014, Justin.tv shut down without any warning whatsoever. If the page is still there, check out how it says, “Your account is now closed, and you will be unable to access any settings or content.” No notice. The content that users put there is now gone. If I’m using my website to make just enough money so that I’ve got enough diesel in my tanks to weigh anchor, this absolutely CAN NOT HAPPEN.
  4. A lot of paid hosting services actually offer 1 free domain name for a year. You can save $10 the first year if you acquire your domain name through the hosting service you choose. You’ll have to pay for hosting, but that hosting is normally good for unlimited domain names.

Bluehost: My hosting service of choice

bluehost buttonI think of Bluehost as my marina of choice to host all of my websites. They keep the websites and web-commuting businesses that I run securely on their servers and always available for visitors to stop on by.

I’ve heard of server issues, hosting and accessibility  problems and customer service woes. These things don’t happen with Bluehost. Their customer service team is the best I’ve encountered and always available.

Check out the video that I put together below. It will quickly walk you through the steps of getting a webpage set up and running with Bluehost. It only took me about 10 minutes to go through the set up process with Bluehost, get the WordPress Platform installed, choose and change the Theme, and put together a short post with a picture in it. There are even some times when I went too fast and didn’t allow enough time for some of the background processes to work. It still only took me 10 minutes! I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: If you do use Bluehost and you use my link(s) to get there, then I do earn a commission. It costs no more for you. There are other links and hosting sites out there such as Hostgator, GoDaddy, and Dreamhost, but in my experience on the internet, Bluehost is the best. You can use other companies or other affiliate links if you want, but if you do use mine I want to Thank You Very much! I’m just trying to keep something in that Cruising Kitty of mine. 

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Fair Winds and Following Seas!

Finally, I want to say thank you for stopping by Sail Loot! You’ve made it this far down the page and hopefully we’ve been able to help get you started on your remote, cruising, web-commuting business! I hope you’re out there sailing to new adventures, that this page can help you start your course to some sail loot, and that you’ll share some of your stories! Let me know where you are in the world and what you’re up to!

We love to hear from all of you about your sailing adventures! We will share stories of our adventures if you’ll share yours!

Fair Winds and Following Seas to all. Stay safe out there, and if you’d like to say hi, just cruise on over to my Facebook page. I’d love to chat! Cheers!