Sail Loot Podcast 019: Good Anchorage, Get Paid To Cruise

By on March 26, 2015

Captain Dietmar is another true entrepreneur. He and his partners went live with Good Anchorage at the Annapolis Boat Show in October of 2014. He has made his sailing money by starting, growing, and selling businesses. He’s won some, he’s lost some, and he’s found a way to use Good Anchorage to help all boaters make some cruising money with Get Paid To Cruise.

He is also a sailor. Dietmar, his wife, Suzanne, and their dog have sailed their Lagoon 440 from San Diego, across the Pacific, and are currently in Fiji. Along the way, he came up with the idea for Good Anchorage, and has started rolling out Get Paid to Cruise.

We had an awesome conversation about ways to make money while cruising, all of Deitmar’s entrepreneurial endeavors, his sailing resume, and their future sailing plans. Enjoy!

Good Anchorage Team

A Few Things You’ll Learn About Good Anchorage and Captain Dietmar In This Episode:

  • Captain Dietmar cashing out from an entrepreneurial endeavor and cruising the Baja Ha-Ha from San Diego with his wife, Suzanne, and their dog.
  • Crossing the Pacific to New Zealand.
  • Losing money with a company in New Zealand.
  • Examples of ways to make money while underway.
  • Some sailing and cruising skills that can help with income.
  • A little bit about what I do in my day job – Hey, he kind of asked.
  • Releasing Good Anchorage at the Annapolis Boat Show.
  • Get Paid to Cruise with Good Anchorage.
  • How? Good Anchorage Advertising – They’ll share a commission for selling advertising on the  Good Anchorage website. You’ll just have to listen for more detail!
  • Where do you get parts for your toilette when it breaks at your anchorage?
  • The basics of advertising in the sailing, boating, and cruising industry.
  • The sales pitch…why a boating industry business would want to advertise with Good Anchorage.
  • How YOU can easily set up the advertisement for said boating business on Good Anchorage and get paid for it!
  • The First Rule of Good Anchorage is We Don’t Talk About Active Captain.
  • How Good Anchorage is different from Active Captain.
  • Why there are no ratings on Good Anchorage.
  • Tracking the Good Anchorage advertising.
  • Captain Dietmar’s experience crossing the Pacific.
  • Where Dietmar is now, and their future sailing plans.
  • Learning to sail.
  • And much more!

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About Teddy

I am a 37 year old that just wants to find a way to make a remote income, gather some Sail Loot and cruise the world! I have been sailing for a couple of years now, but mostly on 10 day trips as vacationing crew. I just recently took sailing to the next level by completing my Basic Keelboat, Basic Cruising, and Bareboat Cruising Certifications! I am also Vice President of a Medical Consulting Company, have a Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, and have taken several Coding, Computing, and Online Business courses. It's time to share what I have learned!


  1. RobertM

    April 1, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    Hi Teddy, I am enjoying your podcasts very much. They can be tough work. I had to laugh when he said “We don’t talk about Active Captain”. After listening to your very interesting interview with the AC guy, I can see why he wouldn’t want to talk about them…they have put out an invaluable resource to the boating community…for free. Very tough competition. If he ever sells the site, I would expect it to go for tens of millions. BTW, I’m right down the road in Alpharetta, working my own 4-year plan to retire on a boat.

  2. Mikee HK

    August 20, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    Just about to listen to the interview. I had a great Skype video chat with Dietmar a little while back. I think we spent almost an hour on the chat talking about Good Anchorage. He was in Fiji preparing for a storm and I was in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico preparing to sail to Guatemala.

    I enjoyed the conversation itself as much as hearing about the business plan for GA and how cruisers can help and benefit from their contributions.

    I never followed up with him after going over all of the ways that cruisers can benefit from participating as active members of Good Anchorage. It seems like an interesting way to earn a little income on the move, but the reason we never really were able to earn an income through their service is that we’re already swamped and earning well enough to keep the dream afloat running three other businesses remotely while cruising the Caribbean.

    Based on my conversation with Dietmar, I would recommend them to the full time cruiser without a full time job, though.

    Best of luck to the team at Good Anchorage.

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