Sail Loot Podcast 026: Chris Bartick Paints Moments Sailing

By on July 30, 2015

Chris Bartick is the perfect example for Sail Loot. There are many ways of making your sailing money. The most popular seems to be to work hard, save money, minimize your spending, and build a cruising kitty that will last a few months, several years, or maybe even forever!

However, Chris decided that he wanted to live on a sailboat sooner rather than later. He didn’t want ot wait around while he was spending money on land. Chris took action and decided to continue his graphic design business, Chris Bartick Art Design, on his Stevens 47 sailboat, Moment.

Not only did Chris continue his graphic design business, but he also wanted to have another method of making money and he wanted to see if he could make that income doing what he loved…sailing. Sure, he’s got his instructor certification, but he tried that route before. Chris wanted to take people sailing on his own sailboat and he made that happen with Moment.

To top it all off, Chris has found a way to further explore his artistic mind. Chris captures moments of sailing with paint. Those moments sailing can be found at his Fine Art page!

I’ll ask all of you who read and listen to this a few questions. Can you perform most of your work with a computer, phone, and internet connection? Sure, your coworkers may want to have meetings sometimes. Can you call into a teleconference line, use Skype, or GoToMeeting, or some other video conferencing and screen sharing application? If the answer to these questions is maybe, probably, or yes absolutely, then read The Four Hour Work Week, get out of the office, start telecommuting, and let’s walk you through the steps of creating your own contracting/consulting business that you run from your sailboat!

Chris Bartick - Captain of Moment

Chris Bartick – Captain of Moment

Moment MSA_logo_1RFP

Moment ChrisBartickArtAndDesign_logo_1R

A Few Things You’ll Learn about Chris Bartick and how he aquires his Loot to Sail Moment in this episode:

  • How to obtain a commercial captain’s license.
  • Chris’ past entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Chris’ graphic design business.
  • Purchasing Moment.
  • Moment’s re-fit.
  • Living in two places at the same time.
  • Chris’ cycle of living in Provincetown and Ft. Lauderdale
  • Chris’ methods of staying connected
  • How Chris runs his various business entities.
  • Moment Sailing charters
  • Marketing both Moment Sailing and Chris Bartick Art Design
  • How Chris ties up when in port.
  • How Chris deals with taxes and keeps his businesses solvent (hint: Get an Accountant!)
  • The amount of time Chris spends on each business.
  • Why Chris has stayed in the US thus far.
  • Managing client expectations.
  • Working the Networking events.
  • Leads groups with
  • Deliveries and offshore passages vs. day-sail charters.
  • Moment of Sailing Painting series.
  • And Much More!

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I am a 37 year old that just wants to find a way to make a remote income, gather some Sail Loot and cruise the world! I have been sailing for a couple of years now, but mostly on 10 day trips as vacationing crew. I just recently took sailing to the next level by completing my Basic Keelboat, Basic Cruising, and Bareboat Cruising Certifications! I am also Vice President of a Medical Consulting Company, have a Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, and have taken several Coding, Computing, and Online Business courses. It's time to share what I have learned!


  1. Robert M

    July 30, 2015 at 6:01 pm

    Hi Teddy,

    Another great podcast.

    On another note (and I don’t recall whether it was you or one on the people you interviewed or somewhere else on the net), someone was suggesting reading “Sensible Cruising” so I picked up a copy. It’s pretty good and I think you and your listeners would enjoy it. Even though it was written way back in 1986, it contains some real gems in terms of changing your way of thinking. There are a few things I disagree with* but overall, I am enjoying reading it. Much food for thought.

    *The authors suggest taking out a loan if you must and I vehemently disagree with that. Wanna hear about a great investment that pays 15% or better annually? Pay off your credit card! Same thing. Debt is the big American lie. We didn’t used to be this dumb.

    • Teddy


      July 30, 2015 at 6:07 pm

      Thanks Robert! I’ll be sure to check out “Sensible Cruising”.

  2. jordan

    February 24, 2016 at 8:19 am

    Great podcast with lots of interesting and useful information. Thanks for the great story and business ideas to keep us sailing longer and farther.

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