Sail Loot Podcast 031: Peter and Jody from Somewhere Warm and Sunny Down Where The Coconuts Grow

By on January 8, 2016

How quickly do you think you can climb aboard your sailboat and start a new life cruising the world? Jody and Peter met in April of 2011. Peter didn’t inform Jody of his plan to sail around the world until July of 2011. Two years later, in August of 2013, they bought a 1980 Whitby 42′ Ketch – Center Cockpit. They released the dock lines in February of 2014.

I challenge you (let’s be honest…I’m challenging myself here) to release the dock lines, Weigh Anchor, and start your sailing adventure in less than 2 years and 8 months.

Peter grew up on the water in San Diego. He’s been surfing, fishing, and skippering boats (fishing, sailing, or both) all of his life. Jody and Peter came into each other’s lives in April of 2011 and 2 months later, under the stars of the Eastern Sierra Mountains, a plan to live on a sailboat was formed.

Part of their adventure is figuring out how they’re going to find the sailing money to keep their dream lifestyle afloat and sharing that with the world. They’re inspiring others, and showing that it can be done with Where The Coconuts Grow.

To steal from them a little bit (I’m pretty sure that they won’t mind), this episode of the Sail Loot Podcast was recorded from somewhere warm and sunny down where the coconuts grow

Mary Christine anchored in White Bay

Mary Christine anchored in White Bay

Peter and Jody (Jody's short, but not actually that short)

Peter and Jody (Jody’s short, but not actually that short)

Got one! Lobster snared.

Got one! Lobster snared.

Lobster Hunting

Lobster Hunting

Peter at the helm of Mary Christine

Peter at the helm of Mary Christine

Launching (maybe they're loading?) Mary Christine's Dinghy

Launching (maybe they’re loading?) Mary Christine’s Dinghy

A Few Things You’ll Learn about Peter and Jody in this episode:

  • Peter and Jody’s boating experience prior to setting sail.
  • Purchasing Mary Christine.
  • The purchase price of Mary Christine.
  • Their budget.
  • Their initial cruising kitty.
  • Dealing with boat insurance.
  • Keeping some sailing money in their cruising kitty via their website – Where The Coconuts Grow.
  • Sailing with dogs – A suitable sailboat, The Help ‘Em Up Dog Harness, dogs doing their business, Honest Kitchen Pet Food, Storing Pet Food, Pet Paperwork, etc. (see links below).
  • Peter and Jody’s next endeavor with Scott and Brittany from Windtraveler and Luuk from Sunkissed Soeters to make some Sail Loot.
  • Preparations that were needed for this new endeavor.
  • And Much More!

Links and Resources from this episode:


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